Sunday, 26 September 2010

Funny Dogs

Black Boxer Dogs

Boxers have been traced to exist for over a hundred years now. They are said to have originated from Germany as the crossbreed between the Brabanter Bullenbesser (from Belgium) and the English Bulldog. Boxer dogs are known for their intelligence, hardiness, loyalty and its being family-oriented which makes it a great family pet. It is often commented that a family with a boxer is one that is filled with laughter and joy.

Boxer dogs have the natural tendency for learning new things and mental stimulation. It is widely recognized that bored boxer dogs make bad dogs. They need to be constantly trained, just like with other dogs.

Small Black Dogs

When we think about adopting a dog we generally think about getting one that looks cute, or is a purebred dog or we tend to want to adopt a puppy. While these are all great dogs to adopt there are many small dogs waiting to be adopted. These small dogs for adoption are usually found lost and abandoned. Some have been given by their owners for various reasons to shelters.

These small dogs that have been given into various animal shelters have all the adorable looks of a puppy. Their small size makes them perfect as companions for children and people who live in small homes.

Blue Dogs

Red Dogs

Here’s where your dog’s dark secrets will come to light. Experts refer to these dogs as “Red Zone Dogs,” “Ticking Time Bombs” or “Loaded Guns.” Any way you choose to label them, these doggies are always in need of the immediate help of an expert who has the expertise in dealing with extreme dominance and aggression. You know when a crazy boyfriend or a girlfriend has some red flags that you wish you knew about earlier on, or, you knew about them but couldn’t really see the danger in them? It’s not much different when it comes to these dogs. Here we go.

Black Dogs

How can you look the dog in the eyes ever again? Every time you call his name, he wallows in shame. You've banished him to the lowest level of dog name hell - you've named your Lab "Blackey."

Any four-year-old can explain that a dog's name should reflect something about him - the way he looks, the way he acts, what he likes to eat… something. So most four-year-olds will take the next most obvious step - naming a black dog Blackey... or Smokey... or something equally inane.

The thought that so many grown adults were not able to muster more creativity could undermine our society's basic faith in democracy. So let's hope that the over-abundance of such uninspiring monikers is the work of children - parents' having left the honor of naming the family pet to junior or sissy.

Raining Cats And Dogs

o dogs and cats get colds or flu, as humans do? The answer is yes, but they won't catch if from you and you won't catch it from them.

Your pet may be sneezing, coughing or have a runny nose – a dog or cat will have symptoms that seem just like a human cold. They may even suffer from labored breathing or a fever. It's important to understand that although your pet's symptoms are the same, the virus causing their illness is not.

In other words, your dog or cat doesn't have the same variety of cold or flu as you do. Viruses are specific to their host species and require a dramatic mutation in order to "jump species". It's very unlikely that your pet will catch a cold from you, and you would not be likely to catch anything from them.

Dogs - According to the California Health and Human Services agency, Canine Flu (Influenza) is relatively new. The first case of Canine Flu was confirmed in 2003 in Florida, primarily affecting the Greyhound racing industry. By 2005, cases were being reported in California and many other states.