Wednesday, 10 August 2011

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It is estimated that three quarters of the population of the United States has pets. Of the three quarters, more than half have cats as pets.
Cats have dated back to early Egypt; hieroglyphics depict cats lounging next to the pharaoh’s throne. Their stature among the pharaoh’s is shown even as guards to the pharaoh’s tombs. Skeletons of cats have also been found in the tombs themselves, buried with their owners.
Unlike other domestic animals, cats are not sloppy or messy; they are very clean animals that have a lot of love to offer the family that adopts them. Cats, even though very independent creatures, can enrich our lives in so many different ways. They comfort us when we are sick and love to play all day and sometimes all night.
Studies have shown that having a cat can be very therapeutic; results have shown that by simply petting a cat that is curled up in your lap can lead to lower blood pressure.

Cat And Dog

Canines respond to the symptoms differently in comparison to felines. They prefer curling within dark areas and sleep most of the day. The infected eye is sensitive to light and exposure makes the experience painful, causing a major shift in dog behavior. In the case of felines, they respond to severe itching and inflammation by rubbing the region against furniture edges. It is not uncommon to see a cat consistently use its paw to wipe discharge. Whimpering in the case of a dog and purring more than usual in the case of a cat is quite normal as they battle invading agents. Treatment of the condition to promote dog care and cat health includes antibiotics, steroids, repeated eye-flush and mediation to reduce inflammation and pain.

Pink eye or conjunctivitis in pets causes a major shift in behavior. The otherwise outdoor pet shows signs of submissiveness and refrains from any bright light. However, it is very important to ensure that the animal is not treated in haste for a harmless eyelash causing irritation. It is important to consult the vet and diagnose the condition, to promote pet health. If at all it does turn out to be pink eye, you need to keep other pets away from the animal. The condition is contagious and spreads rapidly. There are a number of herbal remedies available to ensure that the medication applied directly to the eyes is not an allergy trigger.

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It’s been a long held myth that cats and dogs can't live together. It's been said that to have a cat and a dog living together is like mixing oil and water. But many pet owners have dispelled this myth. The fact is that when a dog and a cat have been socialized to live together, not only can they get along, but they can even become dear friends, in as much as pets befriend each other.
There are some things to keep in mind when you want to keep a dog and a cat in the same household. First, you need to take the energy of the household into account. What type of environment is your home? Is it full of children and rambunctious activity? Is it a very quiet environment? Are there any senior citizens in the home? These will all determine what types of pets that a person would want in the home. Just like with humans, pets have personalities. Having said that, cats tend to be very independent creatures; they keep to themselves, do what they want, and just don't require that much attention. Some breeds of cats flat out don't want your attention. If someone tries to pet a cat, some of them are okay with it for a little while, and some of them will hiss and snap at the person touching them. Cats in general want to be social on their terms, and on their time table.