Saturday, 11 July 2009

Tips For Washing Our Pets
--Don't wash your pet outside unless you've found a way to get warm water out there. Cold water is not as enjoyable to pets as it is to us.

--Don't use the bathtub. It can hurt your back and it's hard for your pet to get a grip. Instead, use the shower or the laundry room sink. The bigger the sink, the better.

--Put towels on the floor before washing, because the floor will get soaked and you may slip.

--If you're in fact using the sink or shower, put a rubber mat in it.

--Use treat-giving to teach your dog to stay in the sink and to behave properly. This may not work with a cat.

--Use an eye ointment in your pet's eyes to protect them from the suds. If soap gets in the eyes, you can use a human eye rinse.

--Make sure their coats get really wet, especially water breeds that are meant to repel water and those with thick coats. A nice wet coat also helps the shampoo to lather up more luxuriantly. Use a curry brush in a circular motion to work the shampoo and exfoliate the skin.

--When washing, don't go above the neck to prevent the ear canal from becoming an actual ear canal…. full of water. If you really want to wash the head, use a moist washcloth only. Remember to wash under the tail, which is a widely forgotten area.
--Avoid using a hair dryer, which can burn or irritate your pet. Use a towel for drying… that is, after your pet does its instinctual, infamous water-shake.

--Remember to take your time. Make sure you carve out meaningful time on a weekend to do this bonding activity with your pet. Have a radio on with some soothing music to calm both of will feel it.

And One More Important HealthyPetNet Tip…

When it comes to washing your pet, you shouldn't use baby shampoo or human shampoo. Different types of shampoos are
formulated for specific skin types. Instead, you should use a shampoo formulated especially for dogs and cats, like
HealthyPetNet's Herbal Blend Shampoo for dogs and cats.

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