Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Talking Cats

Cat language
What is your cat saying? What does it mean when your cat waves its tail? Wouldn't it be great if you could talk to your cat and know what it was feeling? Well, by reading simple body language you can! By taking note of what the tail ears and fur on your cat is doing you can see how he or she is feeling.
Tail carriage
The tail is the most important part in determining the cat's feelings. It shows many emotions and can help you decide if your cat is happy or not.
Straight up: When your cat comes toward you or another object with its tail straight up, it is showing friendliness, it is most likely a familiar person or object and it is it's way of greeting in a friendly manner.
Straight up and quivering: This shows extreme happiness. Sometimes this will happen as you greet your cat. Be warned though, this can also denote that the cat is trying to 'spray' in order to scent mark territory!
Straight up with a hook: this is a questioning pose. Seen when approaching other cats or unfamiliar people or objects. The cat is prepared to be friendly but is ready to be defensive too.
Straight up and puffed up: A cat holding its tail straight up with it all puffed up is showing anger. It may have been startled, been in a fight or is in a compromising position. It is annoyed and may be aggressive although it is more likely just showing its displeasure.

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