Monday, 7 February 2011

Cats And Dogs Together

Cats and dogs are said to be life-long enemies. Hence, they came up with the phrase "fighting like cats and dogs" whenever two persons can't tolerate each other. But, I have seen so many homes that both have cats and dogs as pets. So, I don't think that this assumption is accurate. These two species might not learn to love each other, but at least they can tolerate each other's presence. If these two animals will be exposed to each other earlier in life, they might do fine their entire lives. This practice might actually teach them to accept other animals easily more than their own kind.
However, there are dogs that should not be kept with cats or other small animals. Such species of dogs include terriers such as Jack Russells and pit bulls. They are the kind with the strongest hunting heritage, thus, viewing other animals as prey. These hunting dogs have a very sharp predatory instinct and will chase and attack any moving object without thinking twice.
Dogs that are used to be outside the house are the ones who are most likely to chase and attack a cat once it moves. There is really something about being outdoors that pushes the hunting instinct of the dog into a firecracker. So, if you are planning to rescue a stray dog, I suggest that you should know the history of the dog's attitude and behavior around cats. Many shelters will allow you to "test" the dog before completing the adoption.

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