Saturday, 5 February 2011

Cute Bunnies

The number of rabbits you want will determine your housing. Usually for a single rabbit of a small size a cage measuring 30" X 30" X 14" is advisable. Bunnies are supposed to play around and make merry, so these dimensions will be good enough for rabbits to move and run around. This means that in the time to come, there will be a place for a nest box too in the cage! For larger rabbits, a cage measuring 36" X 30" X 18" is ideal. Most importantly, the cages should be well protected from potential predators and weather changes, especially the sun, because rabbits are very sensitive to heat. So if you want to have bunnies as pets, keep the cage in a cool and shady area. For larger breeds and rabbits with thinner hair surface of their feet, you might require a sitting board to keep sore hocks at bay.

Food for Bunnies
For rabbits and the likes, pellets are the best bet. They have most of the nutrients that rabbits need for staying healthy. The formula of feeding is generally an ounce of pellets per pound of the rabbit's body weight. In addition to this, supplementing the pellets with roughage (hay) of some sort is a good idea. Timothy hay, a type of grass hay is best and least expensive.

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