Saturday, 5 February 2011

Cute Animals

The judge denied her, saying that a name could not have a dot-com suffix on it, but suggested to Feather that she accept a compromise and change her name to FishingHurts.

Feather accepted, saying that she will ask her family and friends to call her anyway.

She says she’s doing it to get people to visit the website, and to raise awareness of the suffering fish endure when being hunted for sport or food.

"When fish are dragged from the ocean’s depths, they undergo excruciating decompression," says a press release on the PETA website. "Many slowly suffocate, are crushed to death, or are cut up while still alive on ships’ decks. On fish farms, they are stuffed into tanks so tightly that they can barely move."

Feather would like to point out that she agrees with movie fish Nemo, in saying that fish are friends, not food. "Rachel has made a compassionate decision to change her name so that everyone she comes in contact with will understand that fish can feel pain just like dogs, chickens and pigs," said PETA representative Lindsay Rajt.

Feather became a vegetarian at age 13, after watching a video about how animals are treated at factory farms.

She told reporters that she grew up in a family who enjoyed hunting, but that now her sister and mother are also vegetarian.

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