Friday, 12 August 2011

Pics Of Cats And Dogs

he answer to that question is easy for most people. If you are a dog person, it will be a fluffy puppy that you can love. If you are a cat person, you won't want to share the attention that a dog needs. It is probably an easy decision.
There are distinct characteristics of each pet.
House cats enjoy being outdoors occasionally. They may wander off from time to time.
The only thing cats need to be trained to do is use the litter box and not to claw the furniture or draperies. They won't stand for much more.
Cats will allow you to have a more serene and independent life.
Cats don't mind being left alone, unless you are in need of being alone.
Dogs thrive on routine exercise. They love walks outdoors or being allowed to run free in a fenced yard to do their business.
Dogs need more training. Dogs love to be trained. It gives them quality time with their owners. Dogs love to please their person and training provides that opportunity.
Your dog will greet you with gusto. It doesn't matter if you went outside to take out the trash or have been at work all day.

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