Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Cats And Dogs Pictures

It is estimated that three quarters of the population of the United States has pets. Of the three quarters, more than half have cats as pets.
Cats have dated back to early Egypt; hieroglyphics depict cats lounging next to the pharaoh’s throne. Their stature among the pharaoh’s is shown even as guards to the pharaoh’s tombs. Skeletons of cats have also been found in the tombs themselves, buried with their owners.
Unlike other domestic animals, cats are not sloppy or messy; they are very clean animals that have a lot of love to offer the family that adopts them. Cats, even though very independent creatures, can enrich our lives in so many different ways. They comfort us when we are sick and love to play all day and sometimes all night.
Studies have shown that having a cat can be very therapeutic; results have shown that by simply petting a cat that is curled up in your lap can lead to lower blood pressure.