Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Cats And Dogs 2

It’s been a long held myth that cats and dogs can't live together. It's been said that to have a cat and a dog living together is like mixing oil and water. But many pet owners have dispelled this myth. The fact is that when a dog and a cat have been socialized to live together, not only can they get along, but they can even become dear friends, in as much as pets befriend each other.
There are some things to keep in mind when you want to keep a dog and a cat in the same household. First, you need to take the energy of the household into account. What type of environment is your home? Is it full of children and rambunctious activity? Is it a very quiet environment? Are there any senior citizens in the home? These will all determine what types of pets that a person would want in the home. Just like with humans, pets have personalities. Having said that, cats tend to be very independent creatures; they keep to themselves, do what they want, and just don't require that much attention. Some breeds of cats flat out don't want your attention. If someone tries to pet a cat, some of them are okay with it for a little while, and some of them will hiss and snap at the person touching them. Cats in general want to be social on their terms, and on their time table.

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